Also named Mail, Apple Mail is the proprietary email client you find on Apple products. Not only does it include powerful features of some of the renowned email clients, but it also possesses the capability to sync automatically across Apple devices.

The best thing about Apple Mail is that it allows you to add multiple email clients in one single place. Users can view and respond to emails received from Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, or other email clients. 

In this article, we will learn how to set Yahoo as default email on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. 

Change Email Client on Mac Computer

To change your default email client on Mac:

  1. Launch the Mail app.
  2. Click on Mail in the menu bar and tap Settings or Preferences.
  3. Click General and then choose an email client in the Default email reader menu.

In case you don’t see Yahoo in the list of email clients, tap on Select in the menu and pick the email client from the dialog box that appears. 

You may require to sign into your account before you opt to change settings in Mail. If you want to change your default email client in the future, you can simply repeat the process and then select your preferred email client from the Default email reader pop-up menu. To delete your existing email client, go through the guide on how to delete Yahoo email accounts securely.  

Change Email Client on iPhone & iPad

With the launch of iOS 14 and iPadOS, Apple gives you the flexibility to select the app that you wish to open when you click an email address. Before you proceed with the process to set Yahoo as default email, make sure you have iOS 14 or iPadOS 14 installed on iPhone and iPad, respectively. 

To change your email app, go to Settings and scroll down to locate the email app. Next, click on Default Mail App and select Yahoo to set it as default. Now when you click on any email address, it will open in the Yahoo mail client on your iPhone and iPad devices. 

If you delete the email app, your phone or tablet will set the Mail app as default. In addition, if you delete the Mail app, your iPhone or iPad will set any of the email apps as default apps on the device. Also, keep in mind that you will need to reinstall the Mail app to use it again. 

To change your email client on Mac, iPhone, or iPad devices, it’s important that the Mail app should work properly. Sometimes, the app stops working due to numerous reasons ranging from recent updates to software incompatibility. 

Fix Mail Related Issues on Mac

Let’s discuss some of the common issues and the workaround methods that can help you make the Mail app function normally. 

  • Inaccessible Mail App  

More often than not, the problem with the Mail app appears after you update macOS to the latest version. In that case, you can try to launch the Mail app from Applications. If you are able to view the Mail app, drag the icon from the Dock and then copy it back to the Dock and try to launch it again to see if it works properly. 

  • Crashing Mail App 

If the mail app is repeatedly crashing, there might be a compatibility issue, or the app has turned corrupt. The possibilities are that the current version of the app is not compatible with the version of the Mac operating system. You can check online guides or go through Apple Support articles for help. Reinstalling the Mail app can be a quick fix. 

  • Freezing Mail App

Other than sudden crashes, abrupt freezes are a common problem with apps, and the Mail app is not an exception. In that case, you will notice that closing the app normally is not a solution. You need to force quit the Mail app to close it, or else it will continue to interrupt your normal functionality on Mac. 

  • Sluggish Mail App

You may experience that the Mail app is working slower than usual. So, in that case, clearing some prior-state files can help fix the issue. You can do it by navigating to the hidden Library folder. To do this, open Finder, go to Folder, hold down the Option key, and tap on Library to view these files and delete them right away. 

  • Bulky Mail App

When the Mail app is not working appropriately on your Mac, too many mail messages and attachments can be a reason behind the cause. Cleaning up mail attachments can help make it efficient. So, delete unnecessary data associated with the Mail app and clear cache and junk files to free up space and resume normal functioning. 

That’s how you can set Yahoo or any other app as your default email client on Apple devices. Also, After erasing the article, you would be able to fix Mail app-related issues efficiently.  

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