We all have heard the term allergy. It seems like everyone is allergic to something in their lives. But what exactly is an allergy and how the steroid can cure it? Let’s find out in this discussion. 

Whenever our body acknowledges any substance as a danger, it means we are allergic to that substance. It can be anything from flowers to certain types of food, a particular smell, and so on. Our body senses identify the substances that we are allergic to. 

So whenever our body comes in contact with such elements, they trigger our immune system to go into defense mode. This is the reason we get certain reactions from our body such as tears, cough, skin irritation, nasal itching, and so on. 

Steroids: Allergy Treatment

You might not be aware but one of the fastest and most effective ways to treat any type of allergy is steroids. No, I am not talking about the muscle-building illegal pills that athletes use to their advantage. These steroids are merely a hormone similar to what is present inside your body. When the body fails to produce the hormone to fight the outside elements, steroids can play a crucial role.

Such steroids are available in the steroids UK market as pills, nasal sprays, inhalers, and injections. The use of them depends on the severity of the condition you are facing but they all work the same way – control the immune system to react in a certain manner when your body is exposed to allergens.

If your body is not responding well to short-term steroid treatments such as spray, pills, inhalers, etc, you must go for a shot of corticosteroid injection. 

These shots are supposed to last from 20-90 days depending on how your body reacts to them. This is way better than the other methods where you are supposed to use them multiple times a day.

However, there is a risk involved with such injections. For example, if you are experiencing the side effects, you can instantly stop using the nasal spray, stop taking the pill, or use the cream but with injection, it’s a different story. Once you get jabbed, there is no way to clear steroids out of your body and you will have to live with the side effects for at least some time. 

Side Effects

Let’s have a look at some short-term side effects of such steroids:

  • The patient may experience weak and thin skin which can be easily be bruised

  • Steroids may cause temporary stomach problems in some patients.

  • Some people may experience sharp behavior changes and mood swings.

  • Anxiety and depression are amongst the most common side effects of steroids.

  • Although it’s rare, but some people have experienced Insomnia.

  • May introduce high sugar levels in the blood.

  • The patient may notice acne and swelling on the face.

  • Again a very rare side effect but it’s possible to have a low potassium level due to steroids.

  • Steroids tend to increase your appetite which results in an Increased weight.

  • Steroids have a direct impact on your metabolism, mostly for worse. 

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