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Your wedding day should represent a very special moment in your life. It is something that you will always remember. Even though the pictures were taken with a disposable device, photos are often instrumental in this process. But you do want your images to be professional-quality. Now the question is: What disposable cameras are the best for photos of weddings?

You might wonder if a disposable camera will work well at a wedding, and take quality pictures. Find the answer to your question here. You can learn more about disposable cameras and how they are best used at weddings.

Best Disposable Cameras

As I mentioned, disposable camera have the best brands, including Ilford, Fuji Film, Kodak, Fuji Film, and Kodak. Here are some great cameras to help you take fun, meaningful photos.


Kodak has dominated photography for some time so it’s not surprising that several disposable Kodak cameras have been included in this list. First we have the Kodak FunSaver single -use camera.This brightly-colored little camera has a builtin flash, which provides a four-to ten-foot field of view. While many cameras offer only twenty-seven exposures, the FunSaver gives you a generous 29 exposures in colour.

The FunSaver ships in a robust plastic case making it a very reliable choice. This camera, unlike delicate and expensive high-tech cameras, will withstand a few bumps and bangs while still functioning. The flash must be charged first before it can function. This is the only problem with this camera. Otherwise, the FunSaver offers smart options in every area.

This disposable camera is also an excellent choice. This camera has a loaded 800-speed film that provides 27 exposures. Flash is smaller than other disposable cameras. This makes it easy to pack in your pocket or take along with you to the wedding. The camera is very simple and straightforward to use. It will allow you to take many candid photos.

Fuji Film

Fuji Film, just as Kodak is a major brand in photography. The Fuji Film Quicksnap – One of the top cameras is Fuji Film’s Fuji Film Quicksnap . This camera can be used in brightly lit conditions and has flash. It should also work well in dimming light conditions. It should be easy to use.

Fuji Film also makes packs of four, three and four camera cameras. This will give you more photos to be taken at the wedding reception. These packs tend to be more expensive that individual cameras. However, some of the lowest priced packs can often be found on Amazon at around $24 and more.


This brand’s most beloved camera for weddings is the AgfaPhotoLeBox 400. This camera is affordable and easy to pass around at a reception or other event. A 400 also makes it very simple to process the photos.


Ilford manufactures a variety monochrome models for those who desire to add vintage charm to their wedding. One of these black and-white cameras is the IlfordXP2 Black & White. This camera comes with a flash that can add powerful visual punch to black and/or white photos. Black and white photos look better on everyone! Although the film can be a bit challenging to learn, the XP2 makes it fun and easy. It’s very simple to process like the Afga LeBox 400.

I absolutely love this 10-Pack – Disposable Camera for Weddings. The white roses match the theme of your wedding but are not too clashing with it. The built-in flash can be used. Each single use camera stores 27 photos. It’s 270 pictures! That’s enough to guarantee some winners.

Congratulations to the bride and groom-to-be who are currently shopping for these cameras. I wish you a perfect wedding day. The best way to capture your wedding moments is to provide disposable cameras. Even if your professional photographer is not available, it’s fun and will allow you to capture candid shots.

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