Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples

Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples

A fun and vibrant city in Pakistan, Lahore is known worldwide for its rich cuisine. From page to chaat, barbecue, and karahi, Lahore has plenty of digital food to take you on an unforgettable food journey.

There are many things you can do in this sleepy city. Swim in the best pools in Lahore or shop in one of the best malls in Lahore. Every place in Lahore is of great value and worth your time. This article is about Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples that you must visit once in your life. If you visit Lahore soon, you should definitely try these places.

1. Polo Lounge Pantry

The first option on our list is the pantry. It is considered one of the most famous and Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples. The simple, minimalist interior and delicious food make every penny worthwhile.

From breakfast to lunch to dinner, the pantry offers a wide variety of sweet and savory treats for our guests. Their most popular dishes include pasta, burgers, pizzas, and grilled chicken. If you like fast food and modern British food, the Pantry is the place to go.

2. Lina’s small kitchen

The next great option on our list is Lina’s Kitchen. It is one of the most visited restaurants in DHA Lahore. Rina’s Kitchenette started in 2010 with simple “home cooking” and today is considered one of the Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples. The homely, relaxed, and cozy ambiance of this place certainly reminds me of home cooking.

Top sellers at this location include Smashed Burgers, Oriental Bowls, Cheeseburgers, Sandwiches, Chicken Pot Pies, 3 Cheese Cannelloni, and Caramel Crisps.

3. Yum! Chinese and Thai restaurant

If you are a Chinese food lover, you must visit Yum! Chinese and Thai restaurants are considered to be one of the most popular Chinese restaurants in Lahore. Located in the prime hubs of Lahore, Gulberg, and DHA, YUM Restaurant speaks of vibrancy, class, and of course, delicious food. YUM provides the perfect environment for family and friends to meet, chat and dine in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere.

Some of the best-selling dishes at the restaurant include Yum’s specialty soup, chili stuffing, chicken with chili garlic sauce, she swan shrimp, beef and chili, and Mongolian duck.

In addition to the regular menu, don’t miss lunch and dinner at the restaurant. A wide variety of sweet and savory continental dishes are available.

4. Cabail restaurant

If you are looking for authentic Pashtun food in Lahore, you must visit Qabail Restaurant. Located in the heart of MM Alam Road, Qabail serves authentic Pashtun cuisine including Kadikabab and traditional Pashtun barbecue dishes.

The most popular dishes at Qabail Restaurant include Chaprikabab, Namkeen Chicken Karahi and Keba. And the top cherry blossom is Attan’s dance in the evening. So, if you’re looking forward to a fun night out with friends and family, it’s a good idea to consider Qabail Restaurant within your budget as well.

5. Bundu Khan

If you are a great cook and have a special desire for digital cooking, Bundukhan is surely a paradise for you. It is said to be one of the Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples. With multiple branches across the country, Bundu Khan is known for its excellent cuisine and excellent customer service.

Some of the restaurant’s most popular dishes include paratha, malaiboti, mutton karah,i and chicken shashlik. All dishes are prepared with special spices and ingredients. Therefore, if you want to try the specialties of Lahori, then you need to try the food of Bundukhan.

6. The Cuckoo’s Nest

The next restaurant on the list is Cooco’s Den. It is one of the most famous and most visited restaurants in Lahore. Located in the famous and vibrant red light district of the city known as Heila Mandy (Diamond Market), Kuco’s Den is famous for its desi cuisine, especially Lahore cuisine.

Apart from the food, the view from the terrace of the restaurant is certainly a treasure. From the terraces of Kuco’s Den, you can see some of the city’s most historic landmarks, including the famous Badshah Mosque and Lahore Fort. A popular dish at Cooco’s Den is the Diced Chicken (Achari) marinated in a spicy and tangy mix of mango pickles and chicken karahi.

7. Haveli restaurant

Haveli Restaurant is located in the historic Haveli Khalil Khan, an architectural landmark on Lahore’s Fort Road Food Street. The haveli offers mesmerizing views of the famous Badshah Mosque, built by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. The restaurant itself is a microcosm of national heritage and exquisite architecture. Wooden balconies, hand-carved doors and windows, iron railings, flat sun-dried bricks, hand-made tiles, and other antiques certainly make the Haveli restaurant one of its kind.

Haveli Restaurant Menu includes Appetizer, Soup, Grill, Special Drinks, Biscuits, Karahi Corner, Namak Mandy, Jehengalara Section, Chef’s Special, Macrimandy, Kabay, Family Platter, Steam Roast, Monji Mandy, Tandoor, Haveli Harwai, Coffee Bar Included, Side order, Coca, Handy (chicken, mutton), China Express, Chinese rice, bhaji Tarkari section. If you want to dine with friends and family, Haveli Restaurant is the perfect choice with views of Lahore.

8. Butt Karahi

Does anyone know the famous Butt Karahi? This is one of the Best Restaurants in Lahore for Couples. With the perfect blend of gravy, rich tender meat, the perfect balance of spices, and the perfect amount of garnish, their lip-smacking karahi will blow your taste buds. Butt Karahi has several branches all over Pakistan, the most famous of which is in Lakshmichok, Lahore.

Over time, the restaurant has also introduced other items to the menu, including fast food, continental, and sweet dishes. Offering freshly baked roti at an affordable price, Piping Hot Karahi makes your day.

These are some of the eateries you must check out in Lahore. There is no doubt that Lahore is a food paradise and these places leave no stone unturned to prove it. Lahore has a well-established educational institution.   

Please visit these places and let us know what you think of them. For scenic views, beautiful weather, and a relaxed environment, visit the summer resorts of Pakistan. If you are a movie buff, Rawalpindi and Islamabad have some of the best cinemas in the country. Not only do these great cinemas screen the latest movies, but they also regularly host movie premieres. Apart from traveling alone, Pakistan has great places to visit and Islamabad has many beautiful places to visit with family and friends. Check out the Giramondo restaurants and Hotels in Pakistan. Found the restaurant or food you were looking for? We will be happy to review it.

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