VAT Return Filing Services In UAE

The introduction of the VAT declaration in the United Arab Emirates

We provide full VAT service to give you peace of mind. Our experienced VAT experts handle VAT issues and transactions. As your authorized VAT agent, we handle your VAT matters on your behalf, reduce your business burden and give full control to employees and key business owners.

Our VAT agency services can be very useful for branches of foreign entities that would find it difficult to contact the VAT Return Filing Services In UAE authorities directly, for companies that do not have accountants or that require support from an existing accounting department.

Our scope of work in the United Arab Emirates regarding VAT registration:

Prepare/verify VAT refund

Statistical report preparation

In cases of detected exceptions, we also prepare business reports to improve control and compliance with laws and regulations.

VAT validation and planning

We ensure that net VAT data is accurate and compliant with the law. The company has twenty-eight (28) days at the end of the tax period to submit the return. Time constraints can make it difficult for complex organizations to file accurate returns, especially those with high transaction volumes and those listed as a VAT group.

Regular reviews of internal controls and compliance with VAT rules can be beneficial in many ways. This ensures that you do not receive unexpected notices from the VAT authorities regarding your tax obligations and also ensures that your business complies with laws and regulations. We can perform these regular checks to ensure that your level of control and compliance remains at the most effective level.

Whatever the best solution for your business or organization, we:

quickly identify potential problem areas or weaknesses in accounting controls and systems.

Identify transactions that may have been recorded incorrectly or incorrectly.

Find out how you can legally reduce your overall VAT liability.

Recommend appropriate corrective actions to ensure that your processes, procedures and employees are fully aware of the impact of VAT in all areas of your business or organization.

In cases where exceptions are found, we also prepare management reports to improve inspections and compliance with legal and regulatory requirements.

We also provide comprehensive VAT planning advice for transactions conducted within the framework of capital structures, reverse tax treaties, and others, as the potential cost and savings elements of the VAT in these transactions can be significant.

Our work includes:

help reduce the risk of incorrect tax payments and detect tax evasion.

Ensure timely and regular payment of VAT obligations.

Help manage your cash flow.

Ensure compliance with legal and statutory obligations.

Thoroughly examine VAT risks and potential weaknesses in the accounting system.

Publications: “For more than ten years in a row, several VAT-related publications have been published in Slovenia:

This publication will be useful for organizations that have lost VAT staff due to extended or permanent leave. We send our experienced VAT experts to do the accounting and tax declarations on your behalf.

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