Instacart is an amazing and relatively new gem of modern technology. It is an on-demand delivery service that brings groceries to your home, at a reasonable service price. If you’re a customer, you just need to make a list of the items you need from the store, and a shopper will pick them up and deliver them right to your door.

You can even change your location on Instacart, in case you’re planning to move, or if you’re visiting another city in the United States or Canada. Read on to find out how to change Instacart locations and more.

How Instacart works

Instacart has many locations in both the United States and Canada. This service is based on home delivery on the same day of the food that the customer has listed in the application. It is associated with many stores in the United States and Canada.

You can check the list of locations on the official Instacart website. Just enter your zip code, choose Canada or the US, and see if they deliver to your area. You can order food, groceries, and even over-the-counter medications at drug stores.

When you type your location in the search bar, you’ll also see the list of affiliated stores for that area. All items you list will be hand-picked by Instacart shoppers and delivered to your door. The delivery time is in an hour or in most cases, but always within 24 hours.

There are many brands to choose from, and you can often get coupons and great deals while shopping from home.

Change your location on Instacart

Changing shopping locations on Instacart really isn’t that hard. All you need to do is submit an application on the official website. You can do it at the following link. You must enter the reason for the request. Submitting a request form is what you need if you want to change your purchase location.

You must enter your valid email address and your full name. In addition, you must submit the phone number you used to register on the app or website, so they can easily locate your account.

Then, you must enter the subject of your request, in the “Change of location” line. Please provide a full description of your inquiry and indicate the city and zip code of the place you wish to purchase from.

Once Instacart has reviewed your request, a representative will contact you with instructions and hopefully a solution to your issue.

Change your personal information or role

You can also change your personal information using the same request form mentioned above. Again, you will need to fill in your full name, email address, and phone number. You can then specify the information you want to change.

The same goes for changing roles on Instacart. Submit an application and you can opt into one of two shopper roles on Instacart: the in-store shopper and the full-service shopper. We will cover the distinction between the two in detail in the next section of this article.

Instacart does not guarantee that positions will be available for the role you choose. When you sign in, you’ll see the list of roles in your current location. Also, when you submit a role swap request, your registration process will be reset.

Instacart Full Service Shopper

Instacart is a great side job when you want to earn some extra cash. You don’t have to do any hard physical work and if you like to shop; this job might be for you. There are two basic shopper roles on Instacart.

You can become a Full Service Shopper or an In-Store Shopper. A full service buyer is a person who does it all. They select the groceries at the store and then deliver them to Instacart customers. However, some of the full-service shoppers only deliver groceries.

A full-service buyer is not a part-time employee. They have contracts with Instacart, but they make their own schedule and work hours. This job is ideal for people who don’t mind driving and have a personal vehicle.

Instacart in the buyer’s store

Shoppers in the store work part time, only up to 29 hours a week, and even those 29 hours are not guaranteed. All a shopper in the store needs to do is pick, buy, and pack the groceries from the customer list. They then deliver the groceries to a full-service shopper who delivers the items to the customer’s address.

Also, these shoppers do not need to run from one store to another. They are each assigned a local grocery store where they have a shift and only shop at the selected store, for as long as they like.


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