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Strategy #1: Uncovering Hyper-targeted Keyword Niches

By combining SEMRush and the basic Excel tools for competitor analysis, we identified a segment of the niche of weight loss that was unexplored. Costs per click for general weight loss solutions such as “best weight loss solution” surpass $15 for the top position. We found that the keywords that relate to medical concerns associated with weight loss are significantly less expensive.

After conducting research on a range of medical conditions that are affected by weight, we found that the keywords that are based around diabetes, for instance “diabetes weight loss solution,” are able to achieve CPCs of less than $2 and offer greater conversion rates than standard words. By shifting spending away from unsustainable terms to focus on keywords specifically focused on weight loss for those with diabetes, we reduced the account’s average CPC dramatically. Modifications to the copy of ads and the landing page that caters to the preferences of our new demographic produced similar outcomes.

If the strategy worked in traditional search We decided to launch an additional campaign using the Display Network using Google Adwords Services in United Kingdom, Europe or other countries managed placements.

Strategy #2: Targeted Managed Placements

Most of the time it’s true that generally speaking, Google Display Network can be difficult for small-scale companies. It’s a fantastic method to build the brand, but it’s not the most efficient paid search method in terms of producing conversions. Managed placements give the user more of control over the placement of ads in the Display Network than, say keywords or topic targeting, which makes it a fantastic option for companies with budgetary limitations.

Straight from the mouth of the horse: “[managed placements] are an effective method of targeting that you can apply to choose websites applications, videos, and websites that belong to Google’s Google Display Network where you’d like to display your advertisements.

Strategy #3: Demographics Are Your Friend

It’s true that women are more likely to click on weight loss-related advertisements more frequently than men, but in the (comparatively) few occasions men do click on an ad the conversion rate is greater rate! With this information, we devised a display campaign based on the strategies mentioned above, targeting males.

The first was a series of fun banner advertisements (see below) which were displayed across dating sites and personals. The clicks were very cheap and ranged between $.08 and $.16 and the click-through rate was up. Most importantly, the CPA during the course was less than $14 (for perspective, the account-wide CPA was 3X that). The success of the campaign prompted us to broaden the scope of the scope of the campaign, and we tried targeted topics targeting male audiences. This ultimately was less successful (in regards to both conversion rate and CPA) than the targeted locations.

How do I create for a successful PPC Campaign?

An effective PPC Marketing Services in UK, USA or other countries campaign is what it all about.

Best in Keyword Finalization

Creative Ad Writing

Combining these Keywords & Ads effectively to collaborate

Best Mobile Responsive & good pagespeed loading landing page design

Be very clear about the plan to launch either with the Search or Display or Shopping App marketing based on a thorough knowledge of your Buyer Persona profile and your activities

Monitoring it on a continuous basis applying automated rules to keep from complications

Get consultancies from PPC Consultancy in UK, Europe or other countries

What can I do to select the right keywords to use in PPC to convert?

There’s no need to… Data will. When you are launching PPC Advertising Services in London, Europe or other countries it is essential to need to be able to guess to find keywords that are “money” keywords. These are the keywords which are more likely to bring in sales vs. the keywords that might draw do-it-yourselfers, lookie-loos, or any other type of person with a low level of interest. Make sure you are doing your best, and then add them to be used in the duration of your PPC campaign.

As time passes, certain keywords will begin to bring in sales, while others will not. Make sure to shift the PPC budget off losers and instead focus on the winners. The keywords that start to show results could result in new keyword concepts in addition. In time your Pay Per Click Advertising Services in London, Europe or other countries PPC campaign will change (optimization). I have created hundreds and even thousand of Google Ads campaigns, I find myself amazed at how often a keyword that you believe is the one to win may turn out to be an ineffective bid. Also, a word you never noticed will go up and become your cash cow. In the end, if you chosen your most effective keywords the first day and pushed it to the limit and, most of the time you’d be in the red. Take the information (conversion tracking) and allow it to tell you what you should do. In the same way you can also optimize your ads’ content as well as the times of day, days of the week, city, state mobile as compared to. PC traffic and more. Everything is important and can be improved, but no one will ever succeed if you do not study the information.

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