Small pocket paper, the secret to not burning your pocket when going to the supermarket. There are many ways for smart consumers to save money or avoid buying unnecessary items when shopping. Smart spending always helps you save significant money for other plans.

Here are 16 of the best suggestions for cutting supermarket shopping bills.

1. Write a to-buy list and buy only those things

Planning before you shop may sound obvious, but it’s a smart move. It will ensure that your stroller stays away from things that are not on the list. That’s the best way not to overspend.

Making a shopping list will make you stick to it and try not to miss it. This helps you “distract” from the items that are attractive but not really necessary. It is also a way to help you save time when shopping.

2. Make the most of what you buy

Before you come up with a list of things to buy, check the items that are still in use. See expiration dates, use them before deciding to buy a new item. Think about dinners that use similar ingredients to avoid food waste.

For fresh foods, a good suggestion is to avoid over-buying anything with a short shelf life. Not using them on time or using them in excess is a waste.

3. “Out of date” goods are cheaper

Most supermarkets will offer attractive discounts on an item that is nearing the end of its shelf life, which is often a great way to save on a bargain.

Product quality is not too different, but you should make sure to check the product label before deciding to buy.

This is a great tip when traveling around the sale area because many frozen meat products can be thawed and used without compromising quality.

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4. Pay attention to the supermarket’s promotion time

Each supermarket often has its own stimulus strategy, promoting spending with attractive promotions. This is a great time to buy items at affordable prices. There are even deals you didn’t expect.

So, before you shop, you should check when the supermarket starts to discount.

5. Bring your own bag when shopping

It’s a secret that supermarkets always charge for shopping bags. The price of single-use bags is not significant, but you can completely save money from them and most importantly, contribute to environmental protection.

6. Don’t shop for the brand

More expensive doesn’t always mean it’s better, and it can cost you more. Consider choosing similar products at a cheaper price. Don’t be too dependent on the brand.

For those of you who still prefer products with famous brands, try reading other similar product reviews. You will have smarter shopping choices.

7. Search high and low

Stores tend to put more expensive items insight. So check below and above the shelves, that might help you find similar products at lower prices.

The food section also has expensive locations, with private-brand products often more expensive.

8. Compare prices at supermarkets

One thing is for sure, the same item, supermarkets will not sell the same price. Think before you shop to save some money.

Before going to the supermarket, you can go to price comparison websites to check the price of the same product in different supermarkets. Your shopping bill will be able to save significantly.

9. Update discount program when shopping

There are shopping apps that help you receive notifications when stores or supermarkets have a series of discounts or individual discounts on the products you want to buy. Just install the app or receive email notifications and you’ll know exactly what promotions are available.

10. Earn coupons (vouchers) when shopping

Coupons help you save significantly. It is also a business strategy. Not only stopping at discounts, but vouchers also have many effects such as increasing brand awareness and above all, keeping customers coming back next time. offers thousands of attractive coupons from reputable brands such as home depot $50 off $250 coupon, goedeker s coupons,…

11. Join discount hunting group/social media

We all love to save money, and on social media, there are groups dedicated to sharing shopping tips and great deals you can’t afford to miss.

It’s a great way to stay up to date with the latest store news. Savvy shoppers post regular updates every day about their best finds, so check back often for the best deals.

12. Use cashback apps when shopping

That’s right – you can get your money back for shopping.

Use the cashback app, or earn points for your membership card to browse products. Once you have purchased it, either online or in-store, you will receive an amount of 2-5% of the amount purchased.

Always remember, try to only buy the items you really want.

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