Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore

Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore

The winter season is finally here and with it comes the thirst for mind and body-warming soup. We all love chicken corn soup (and other favorites). In the case of Lahori, there are strict food standards, especially for hot dishes during the coldest days of winter.

This is a list of the best Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore that offers absolutely delicious soups to cater to the most discerning enthusiasts. Try at least one of these places in winter. They will never forget to be impressed.

1. Yam

Located at 24-K in Gulberg II, Yum is a Chinese restaurant with a vibrant ambiance, commendable service, and one of the best soups in town. This Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore with affordable chicken soup, Yum can satisfy your taste buds. The starting price is only Rs 275 per serving.

2. Tao Yuan Chinese

Another Chinese restaurant, Taoyuan, is also located in Gulberg’s D1 block. You can choose from more than 10 types of soups, such as wonton noodles, chicken, shrimp, and mushrooms. Prices range from Rs 340 to Rs 400 for the taste-boosting bowls.

3. Noodle house

This is for the pickier eaters among us. The soup of the noodle house is, so to speak, tastier. The setting is impressive and absolutely gorgeous, the soup is a bit heavy on the pocket (Rs 345 per bowl) but a spoonful is totally blissful. Your wallet will be lighter, but your heart (and stomach) will be happy. Noodle House is located in Gulberg III, Mewood Arica Solilord.

4. Salt N pepper

The restaurant is located in three locations: MM Alam Road, Liberty Market, and Mall Road. There are two types of soup, hot and sour soup, and chicken corn soup, the former is 245 rupees and the latter is 235 rupees. Both types are equally delicious.

5. Taipan

Taipan is located at Pearl Continental Hotel in Upper Mall. With a wide variety of soups, from seafood soups to crab meat and tofu soups, customers can’t leave without satisfaction. However, the price of this wonderful bowl of soup hit hard at 800 rupees. But the open kitchen and cozy backdrop are worth it.

6. Asian fragrance

Chef’s Special Soup, Chicken Noodle Soup, Chicken Evergreen Corn Soup. Asian scents are everything. The cheapest soup is chicken and vegetables at 550 rupees. This Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore is located in Block B1 of Gulberg III.

7. Yan Hui

Yes, Chinese restaurants are well versed in the soup market. Yang Hui is very popular in the La Hollis area. The staff is very kind and friendly and you will love the atmosphere. Also, the quality of the food is excellent and the servings are plentiful. Yen Hui is located on MM Alam Road. Prices range from Rs 1,000 to Rs 1,499 per person.

8. Opium

Opium is in its full hub, Gulberg. Known for its high-quality authentic Thai and Chinese food. Uses imported herbs, sauces, and chili peppers. With indoor/outdoor seating, Opium boasts a long list of Chinese soups at an easy and affordable price. Their variety of absolutely delicious soups ties in closely with its ambiance and other signature items on the menu, giving them a unique selling point.


A great combination of the vegetable platter, mushrooms, chicken or beef, chili, seafood, herbs, and spices. These are some of the common ingredients in Zuki soup that are guaranteed to make you sink in for more. Affordable, very modest, and comfortable environment. Cafe Zouk is a place to overcome the winter cold.


Xiwang offers rich flavors and a variety of dishes in a spacious and comfortable environment, perfect for friends and family. What’s a fairly limited soup menu that doesn’t detract from the fact that you have one of the best-tasting soups in town? It is also priced and not heavy on your wallet.

If nothing works

You can always count on a roadside vendor for a bowl of delicious instant soup. These Chinese Restaurant in Gulberg Lahore makers are working hard to create the perfect soup on a cold winter’s night, so try at least one this season.

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