Great Reasons to get a University of Worcester MBA Degree

Being a student is a beautiful gift for some people. Because with the grace of continuing education to a higher level, many things have changed. One of them is a mindset. However, college life is sometimes not as beautiful as the movie scenes we see on television. Students are only described as busy with fashion, traveling, and hanging out with friends.

Student life is much more complicated than life is shown. One of the complicated lives felt by students is economic problems.

This problem is undoubtedly often experienced by those who have a lower-middle economy. Sometimes, when the money runs out, wanting to ask your parents doesn’t feel good, but you get confused if you don’t ask. Moreover, being a student has many surprises because sometimes, there are various sudden costs that we have to pay.

Such as buying books recommended by lecturers, printing many assignments, etc. This makes our finances challenging to manage, mainly if we only rely on income from our parents. So, to work around this, we, as students, need to learn to be creative to make our own money. One of them is to start a business.

Well, if you are currently a student and confused about what to do to deal with finances, here we share information about business ideas for students.

Some Business Ideas for Students

Later, you can choose a business idea for students below that suits your interests, talents, and abilities. And don’t forget to adjust it to your study schedule. Don’t let this happen because you are too busy taking care of your business. Your education will be neglected, and you have to remember that education is still number one. Because all this time, your parents have been difficult to pay for your education. Here are some business ideas for students that you can try.

Graphic design

The first business idea for students is to do a graphic design business. In this digital era, you certainly know that all businesses, whether large, small, or medium scale, schools, or others, are starting to use social media for their marketing.

This is because social media can make their business reach broader markets without spending more capital. So, by utilizing social media, they certainly need experts to design their products, and the goal is to make their products look more elegant, more attractive, and more straightforward. You can take advantage of this great opportunity as an up-and-coming business.

Or, if you are still not very proficient but can already design logos, you can still run this business. You can even do the business of designing logo for your masterpiece.

If you are confused about where to start, I suggest you start by creating a portfolio. Make your portfolio as attractive as possible. You can design any logo, and let’s just say you’re getting an order from a client. Then, build your portfolio on social media accounts, such as Instagram. 

If the portfolio is complete, you can share it on various other social media. Don’t forget to promote it to Facebook. You can first join graphic design groups, and then please share your graphic design business services. Include an active cellphone number as well, yes.

Article Writing

The second business idea for college students is to write articles. As a student, you are certainly required to be able to present various information, ideas, opinions, criticisms, and so on in writing. And this writing is indeed a must for a student. Moreover, you certainly often get various assignments that require you to write. Like making articles, making reports, and even in the final semester, you are required to be able to do research where the research will be presented in written form.

Frequently getting writing assignments, of course, makes you more proficient in writing matters. So, there is nothing wrong with you starting this small business. The writing business is very profitable, and the prospects are very high. Especially if you have a lot of relationships, to start, you can offer yourself to various social media.

For now, the fastest social media to bring in clients is Facebook. You can do it by joining a blogger, SEO, website, or another group on Facebook. There, you can offer yourself and wait a while. Then many people will contact you. If it turns out that the results of your writing are satisfactory, then get ready to get a lot of benefits. The money is pretty good. You can add to the tuition fee.

Selling Gifts

The next business idea for students is to sell gifts. Yes, a gift is a gift that is very much sought after by students. Because almost every day, there may be special moments, such as there are graduations, there are birthdays, or there are those who want to give gifts on a whim. You can use this as a business idea that is quite promising.

How to run this one business idea is also easy. It’s just that, even though you can think creatively to present unique gifts, yes. Because if it turns out that the gift you are going to sell is just an ordinary gift, such as gifts in general, such as clothes, shoes, or bags, in such a form, it will undoubtedly be challenging to compete with other gifts business people. So, try to think more innovatively about how to present memorable gifts. Like making a gift, but it can be designed with a face image or various quotes.


The next business idea for students is to sell culinary. Students generally love culinary, and sometimes they even like to make a particular schedule to hunt down the culinary delights around them. So, if you feel you have the expertise or ability to mix spices, it never hurts to try this business idea for students.

So, so that the capital you spend is not so much, you can apply a pre-order selling system. Don’t forget to look for menus students like, such as black, dumplings, dim sum, etc. If you can, you present the menus differently, for example, by adding a unique topping with an exciting taste or wrapping the food in good packaging.

For example, motivation is written on the package, or the customer’s name can be affixed. Usually, if you can serve the food uniquely like the above, it doesn’t take long to grow your business.

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