Women's Perfume

Women are supposed to be from Venus and men are from Mars. Their likes, dislikes and interests are often very different and sometimes surprisingly similar. This is especially true when it comes to choosing their scent. Some will argue if men can wear women’s perfume and vice versa, but overall many will say why not?

It is very common that some women actually like and/or prefer men’s perfumes to women’s fragrances. They love them so much that they are quite happy to wear them all – exclusively all the time. Likewise, there are men who find perfumes that are classified as women’s perfumes to be their ideal fragrance. This is why it is important to consider and compare some of the things that distinguish women’s fragrances from men’s perfumes.

A women’s perfume can define who a woman is. She can be gentle and charming, loud or moody, calm or bubbly. While a man can go reserved, aggressive, masculine or simple, these are some of the characteristics that can be expressed in their choice of perfume. There is a perfume to suit every mood or mood.

Perfume ingredients for women’s fragrances usually have light floral and fruity notes. Perfumes designed in this style are most popular among young women who have the largest market share among the perfume buying public. Older women go for fragrances that have heavy floral notes and some spices to add maturity and mystery to the mix.

Men’s perfumes, on the other hand, are different from women’s because they have more spicy, woody and green earthy notes. While they can be light and airy or dark and spicy, their ingredients are creatively blended to appeal to its target end user, men.

Perfume makers have made a lot of money by focusing their artistic creativity and resources on giving it to the market. They are able to create some of the most popular perfumes that women and men of all ages and income groups buy and use today. This is evident when you consider the growing number of top actors, celebrities, sports figures and models releasing new perfumes all the time under the umbrella of major perfume houses.

Ultimately, whether a man can wear women’s perfume or a woman wears men’s perfume is not a big deal. When you find a perfume you like, it’s worth trying regardless of its rating. So why not do a little experiment by visiting the fragrance aisle at your favorite department store and try some perfumes rated for the opposite sex. Spray whatever you like on the inside of your wrist to see how it reacts with your body chemistry. Who knows, you might find that it’s just right for you.

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