Best Breakfast Places in Lahore

Best Breakfast Places in Lahore

If you’re looking for a good, tasty breakfast to de-stress your week, you’ve found the right blog! We have researched, searched and listed the best places for Best Breakfast Places in Lahore.

Best western breakfast in Lahore

Breakfast, the first and most important meal of the day, deserves to leave your comfort zone for a decent and healthy breakfast. This is not what many of us do in today’s busy love life, people like me often skip breakfast. A good breakfast means you have energy to get through the day and be productive. It’s like sleeping. If you don’t get good and healthy sleep, you cannot be productive throughout the day. Anyway, for those days when you want to have a fun breakfast with your friends and family, here are some of the Best Breakfast Places in Lahore for you.

Muhammadi Nihari

Yes, I started with a bang! Mohammadi nihari in Mozanchok is one of the best places to eat delicate nihari. The working hours start early in the morning and you can enjoy delicious nihari throughout the day. The weekend queue is huge! So if you want to eat this breakfast, make sure you get there. Otherwise, you might have to wait at least a couple of hours before digging in and enjoying a smile.

Waris Nihari

This is another very busy place this weekend. My advice to you is the same as above, if you want to enjoy breakfast perfection, you need to leave around Fajr to reach this place on time, yes, otherwise you might end up waiting in line for hours.

Butt Sweets

Growing up in Lahore and wandering through its beautiful and picturesque streets, many are unaware of the bat sweets. It is one of the oldest bakery chains in Lahore and is known for its exceptionally delicious breakfast menu. One of their most famous breakfast items is Halvapori and Chana! In addition to the authentic taste, the price is very reasonable and you can get delicious food without losing your hard-earned savings.

Bundu khan

A Digifood story would never be complete without mentioning the foods available at Bundukan. Bundu Khan offers an amazing variety of dishes for breakfast, which is guaranteed to be amazing. Bundu Khan is a full-time restaurant open all day, so there is a large parking lot where people can park their cars and enjoy their meals. Lines can be big on weekends but we can accommodate you within 20 minutes of your arrival. From Chananan to Halvapori, you must try their delicious dishes!

Amritsari Hareesa

Hares are another specialty of Lahore. If you don’t like Nihari, Tuna or Halva, you can always try the amazing Hares from this place. Hares is set right and it’s a great start to the day.

Chaye Khana

Chaye Khana serves a delicate and delicious breakfast and is one of the Best Breakfast Places in Lahore. They have hash browns and lots of omelets, and this stands out on the menu. The mushroom omelet is one of my favorites. The breakfast menu is not very diverse, but there are many omelets to choose from and many tea options. Breakfast is included here.

Apart from the delicious food, the seating area and interior design is one of my absolute favorite parts of Lahore. Located on MM Alam Road, the restaurant opens at 8am and is perfect for a weekday breakfast. They are usually served quickly and one can be finished in 40 minutes.

English tea house

English tea houses are a bit expensive and the average price per person is around Rs. 1000 per visit. Breakfast menu is huge. From French toast and panini sandwiches to waffles and scrambled eggs, you’ll find literally everything. The coffee is not very good, but the food is definitely excellent. The restaurant opens at 8pm and is usually not busy.

Tenerife Cafe

Located on Jail Road near Gulberg Galleria, an important busy road for many, it is easy to reach and good for breakfast. The restaurant opens at 8am and operates at a super fast pace, so you don’t have to waste much time before heading to this office. They don’t have a specific breakfast menu, but sandwiches and salads make a good breakfast combination. Sandwiches cost about Rs. 675 and the best part is that it doesn’t get crowded at breakfast time so you can have a peaceful meal.


From cinnabon rolls and flatbreads to panini sandwiches, there’s plenty to order from here. My personal recommendation is the beef panini with coffee, as hot and cold drinks are also good.

Panini costs about Rs. 625 and inclusive of beverages, this price goes up to Rs. 1100.

The interior of the shop is a little small, but it is very comfortable and convenient as a support tool in the morning.


Capri in Liberty is known for its breakfast. Pris is crisp, Channa is sweet, and Halva is very sweet. Perfect food in a perfect atmosphere makes it one of the best places to have breakfast!

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