Web Development Company Lahore

Web Development Company Lahore

Technology is endless. Apart from the many amazing innovations happening around us, there are progressive web applications that simplify our daily tasks and improve the user experience. Web Development Company Lahore has PWA on its way to becoming the next big thing in the mobile web world. PWA was introduced by Google in 2015 and has become very popular in recent years. PWA has attracted the attention of millions for its easy web development and rich user experience in the app. 

Web Development Company Lahore won’t go too far into simplifying what a progressive web app has to offer here.

  • Home screen icon
  • Push notification
  • Splash screen
  • Landscaping

Access media features such as video and audio

In short, it combines the strengths of both mobile apps and traditional websites. You generally don’t need a separate mobile app for the same web app development project. Let’s see if PWA is the future of Web Development Company Lahore or technology boost.

1. The seamless accessibility to the user is amazing.

Programming web app is for native mobile apps without the hassle of downloading and installing. While using the application online, you need to go through several steps. Internet search, download, installation and authorization to access contact information and media files.

Well, PWAs keep these layers of work and provide users with seamless access. Users can access the PWA instantly without downloading or delaying. In addition, PWA does not charge any additional fee for downloading the data. You also don’t have to uninstall old apps every time to free up your device’s memory space.

2. Offline access is new and cool!

Offline apps are definitely fun, and PWAs are all about offline access. Even when you are not visiting the website, there are service staff working in the background, and what makes it possible is a real gem.

Apart from providing offline access, it also sends push notifications, loads notifications in the background and initiates a process based on programming logic. Therefore, uninterrupted offline access is one of the best features of progressive Web Development Company Lahore.

3. User engagement is higher than ever.

How do you increase user engagement? Many websites display dialog boxes with allow/deny buttons. Click here to get the latest information about your website when you’re away. Similarly, PWAs have the ability to cache your app and add links that allow you to access it directly from the home screen.

As the time spent per session increased, the conversion rate of the e-commerce store increased significantly, along with the number of pages users could view the PWA per session.

4. Editing and proofreading has never been easier

Bugs are part of Web Development Company Lahore. The great thing about PWAs is that you don’t need to visit the app store every time to make adjustments. Native apps must notify the app store for updates or fixes to fix bugs and errors. This usually takes a week or more to run and disrupts the user experience.

Unlike PWAs, you can fix bugs and errors on the go and save time and make web app updates by not having to write two separate codes for Android and iOS.

5. Security has improved!

As you know, Google recommends websites built on HTTPS over HTTP. Actions like online payments are more secure and reliable because PWAs are programmed over HTTPS instead of HTTP.

 6. Amazing speed!

JavaScript and service workers run separately from the main web page thread. This allows programming web apps to load instantly regardless of internet speed. PWAs run faster with the ability to cache data across apps and browsers. Web development with smooth scrolling, animations, and navigation, users can recognize it as a native app. 

7. PWA Benefits SEO!

To improve your app’s accessibility and search potential, it takes a little time to install. Faster sites increase rankings and therefore have a positive impact on search engine rankings. PWAs can be quickly recommended for providing a rich user experience and leading to a successful SEO strategy.

8. The price will be very low!

PWA is significantly lower than native apps. This is a costly issue for startups and small businesses as enterprises need to develop apps on Android and iOS devices.

PWAs can be created cheaply without compromising functionality. This provides a better range for companies to generate positive ROI. Therefore, Web Development Company Lahore with great potential will revolutionize the mobile web world and become the next big thing for this millennial generation.

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