It is a requirement for all Muslims to be able to recite Quran. This will allow us to understand what Allah is telling His Deen and us. The role of a teacher is crucial when it comes to recitation. Your children will receive the best Quranic education if they have a qualified and experienced teacher.

Who are the online Quran Teachers?

The best Quran academy online has the most qualified teachers. We have experienced teachers who can teach students everything from Tajweed and Noorani Qaida to memorizing Quran. The online Quran teachers’ group includes both females and males.

Our online teachers include Tajweed teachers, Noorani Qaida instructors, and Hafizul Quran teachers. They are all dedicated to helping students learn and making the Quran easy to recite. Our teachers have years of experience teaching children and adults how to recite Quran from scratch.

What is the secret to their success?

Teachers must have a unique approach to Quranic education, especially online. It is not easy to maintain a consistent focus when studying. Our teachers allow young students to learn in a supportive environment.

Each student will be assigned a single teacher, ensuring that they receive one-to-one instruction. Our proven teaching methods will help you and your child memorize Quran and build a relationship with Allah. Our students are not taught in a hurry. Although slow and steady, students will begin to learn quickly once their foundations have been strengthened.

What do they teach?

Skype is used for teaching. After signing up, you will be able to download the tutoring software. You will need a computer, microphones, headset and an internet connection. Students can access the study material online.

All the tools and resources are available to students to facilitate the live reading of the Quran. Our students can learn Quran online using Skype and other devices. It will be similar to memorization in one-to-one mode, where teachers keep track of children’s performance.

When it comes to learning Quran, there is no age limit. We are available to help people from all walks of life, whether they need our assistance with reading Noorani Qaida or Tajweed, memorizing Quran, reading Quran with translation, or learning Tajweed. You can start the learning sessions at your convenience, when you choose.

It’s high time to start investing in your future. Allah has written in his Book that Quran is made simple for everyone. It is easy to learn Quran with the help of our teachers. Get close to Allah by taking the first step.

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