oil filtration solution in pakistan

oil filtration solution in pakistan


Unplanned downtime or machine failure can cause costly disruptions for process owners, oil filtration solution in pakistan. The negative impact contaminated lube oils have on process performance is a risk that is often overlooked. This is why looking for alternatives to lube oil filters is essential

The quality of the lube oils can be affected by contamination with water or particles. This will decrease their performance and expose them to potential risks such as machine wear and corrosion. Because of their low initial cost, many people have used different filters to clean the lube oils. However, long-term maintenance costs can be higher as filter cartridges must regularly be replaced and disposed of, oil filtration solution in pakistan.

The most important thing is that filters can’t remove water from lube oils, so there is always the possibility of corrosion. To deal with water contamination in a filter system, you must install a coalescer module. This would eat up valuable floor space and budgets. A centrifugal separator is a better and more long-lasting alternative to lube oil filters.

oil filtration solution in pakistan
oil filtration solution in pakistan

 The benefits of a centrifugal separator

A centrifugal separator is more expensive than a filter solution. However, the total cost of Gush Stock ownership is much lower due to less maintenance and higher productivity. In two years, the average investment will be repaid. There are many benefits to a centrifugal separator:

  • Removes both water and particles in one operation
  • Highly effective in solids removal
  • 100% removed at 10 um and higher
  • 90% removed 5 um to 10 um
  • 70% removed 3 um to 5 um
  • (Solids below 2000 kg/m3 cannot be removed).
  • Continuous operation without any loss of capacity (no filter obstruction)
  • Continuous water removal
  • Minimal service and maintenance
  • Low product disposal costs (no need for filter cartridges)
  • Oil additives are preserved better than any other technology
  • Simple installation using a plug-in module

 Increases the life expectancy of process equipment

The benefits of centrifugal separation over lube oil filters are clear. Your equipment’s life expectancy will be extended if you clean it to a higher standard. Removing water and corrosion will ensure that bearings and gears last longer. Despite the high equipment cost, a centrifugal separator is an affordable alternative that allows for smooth, hassle-free operation year after year oil filtration solution in pakistan.

The water content of oil affects the life expectancy of a bearing. Conversion of a percent to parts per million

 The importance of Lube Oil Cleaning

Want to learn more about lube oil cleaning? This whitepaper provides a detailed overview of all the available technologies and helps you choose the right one material handing equipment in pakistan.

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