EICR Certificate Cost

EICR Certificate Cost

The EICR Certificate Cost and importance at homeowner electrical safety in London, United Kingdom. When considering potential electrical hazards in your business. Keep in mind that over 20% of all reportable hazards are related to mobile devices. And the majority of these hazards are related to electrical shock. Electrical shock injuries are surprisingly common and in most cases easily preventable. The Electrical Installation Condition Report are three main electrical hazards. Are electric shock (or electric shock), burns, and fire or explosion hazards.

Electric shock

The human body easily conducts electricity and the amount of current flowing through the body. Depends on weight, skin condition, connections, and direct surroundings. When a person stands on a wet floor, the electricity is transferred. To the ground more quickly, causing more serious injuries. If a person stands on a rubber mat, less current flows and that person is less affected.


When electricity enters the body, it burns human tissues and can spread under the surface of the skin. So most homeowners need to know about EICR Certificate Cost and its importance for their health safety from electrical hazards. 

Fire or explosion

A fire can occur if the electrical circuit is interrupted. For example, if the arc is caused by moisture, loss or interruption. This arc fluid is a source of ignition and can ignite nearby materials. Explosives can occur if a large amount of flammable liquid or gas is released from the arcs.

Obviously, the higher the current (or amperes), the higher the risk. But even 240 volts from household appliances can be fatal.

Most Electrical Injuries are Caused By:

1) Poorly maintained electrical equipment

2) Working under or near overhead power lines

3) Contact with electric cable during construction work

4) Work near the power supply

5) Using electrical equipment in an explosive atmosphere (paint spray booth, etc.).

There are two main ways to reduce a person’s risk of electric shock:

1) prevent contact with electricity;

2) Use a safety device to turn off the power.

EICR Certificate Cost should always be taken to reduce the chance of. Someone coming into direct contact with a live stream. All wire holders must be completely covered and the circuit must not be touched until it is serviced. Regular visual inspections are essential for the safe use of electrical products. You can also use the Portable App Test (PAT) to make sure your device is secure.

In the event of a fault, safety devices such as residual current devices (RCDs). Must stop the flow of electricity and be connected to the main outlet to achieve effective protection. Your electrical risk assessment is responsible for identifying potential electrical hazards. In your business and making every effort to protect your workforce.

Identify electrical hazards

Today, more than 180 households caught fire at home due to power outages. More than 100,000 electrical fires occur in the United Kingdom each year. Causing hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, and billions of dollars in physical damage.

At EICR Certificate Cost, we understand that not everyone will experience a catastrophic electrical fire in their lifetime. Our goal is to eliminate all home electrical fires, but this service also identifies electrical problems. That may sneak up on homeowners’ electrical systems and cause future problems. Unexpected costs of electricity services can be devastating to families. Our services give homeowners the time to plan and budget for necessary upgrades and improvements.

Solution: Inspect your home for electrical hazards!!

The National Fire Protection Association states, “Ignoring your home’s electrical system can be a costly mistake. Our lives literally depend on the use of electricity in our homes. And in many cases, safety hazards can be overlooked or obscured. ‘Small’ problems can lead to catastrophic fires.

The EICR Certificate Cost says: “To reduce the risk of electrocution or fire. Have your home’s electrical wiring and distribution system checked by a qualified electrician or electrical inspector.”

Electrical Installation Condition Report with this tool, you can detect electrical hazards. Hidden behind walls without tearing down, damaging or cutting parts of the house. With EICR Certificate Cost, you can detect electrical problems and electrocution hazards. Before they become a costly incident or fatal accident.

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